The Undiscovered Kingdom

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Rodrick and Lyra are asked to find two others, Lo-kag and Rohan, of the royal courts of Leokindor. Their search leads them to the Ezel, a port town in the tiefling Empire of Vesh. They finally meet up with their Royal counterparts in the tavern The Bronze Horn and find the reason for their absence. They have been on the trail of slavers and Rohan believes that the Empire of Vesh, known for its use of slaves, has much to answer for, as well as evidence of a plan massive necrotic spell. Now these two prince, a chieftains son, and one princess, along with a former slave Drow, who seems to have been beaten on to many times, and a Dwarven Shaman find clues that lead to a slave trade, that even The Vesh Empire would find illegal, in the port town of Ezel.


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